Modo Mio Italian Restaurant, Perth, Australia

garlic bread
Garlic Bread, $10

We have been here a few times since it opened and they used to have amazing garlic bread. But this time it was only ordinary.

Complimentary Bread

Pizza Salsiccia, $26

My father-in-law ordered this and it was topped with Mozzarella, tomato, artichoke, mild Italian sausage, black olives, basil and oregano. I love thick and thin crusts, it just depends on my mood. I had a slice, and it wasn’t too bad at all! But for the price, Dominos hits the spot at under $13.

Penne all’arrabbiata con salame Calabrese Anduja, $27

Translated to a penne pasta with spicy tomato sauce and fresh Anduja Calabrese sausage, this is a simple and tasty dish with a slight hit of chilli. Of all the times we have dined here, Simon has not ordered anything else. It’s clearly a favourite.

Spaghetti alla chitarra Battuto di Pollo al Forno, Fegato Grasso e Mele Verdi al Timo, $34

All that fancy wording, translated to, Fresh made ‘chitarra spaghetti’ with roasted chicken, foie gras and green apple. It got me at foie gras- I LOVE (LOVELOVELOVE) goose liver.
When my order came, it didn’t look very appetizing- quite dull in fact. I had a taste, and yeah it was not bad, but for a dish that apparently earned the chef a place in the 2013 pasta championship, I thought it would be way better.

I do like Modo Mio, especially its creamed coloured interiors. Service has definitely improved from the last few times we visited and we’ll be back once in a while for the other dishes that I love, like the Eggplant Involtini and Mozzarella di bufala!

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2 thoughts on “Modo Mio Italian Restaurant, Perth, Australia

  1. I went to Modo Mio last night and I ordered the same pasta as you (for the foie gras like you! haha). I have to say, mine looked a lot better presented than yours. Perhaps there was a different chef working? It was on an oval plate with the pasta spun around into a nest and the foie gras sat on top. The sides were decorated with small cubes of green apple.

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